2019 Photo Project

Last year I complete a 365-photo project. That is one photo a day for an entire year! It was amazing and I learned a lot about myself process. At the end of the year I had a collage of 365 photos that told the story of our year! I printed it out onto a large canvas and now it hangs in my living room for me to see everyday. Its a proud reminder of my accomplishment and we love looking at all the squares and retelling the story behind the photo!

This year I started out to do the same but I’m taking a different approach. Instead of one photo a day, I am taking 7 photos a week. (except the last week which will have 8 to make it 365!) Changing my approach eases the burden of the project while yielding the same results. A photo ev.ry.day. is hard. There are days that I’m not inspired or just plain forget to take a picture!

I’m sharing my project here for my own accountability purposes and to hopefully inspire someone else to accomplish a photo goal for themselves. So let’s dive in!

Week 1 - Week one was easy. I was coming off the high of finishing 2018’s project and we were still on vacation -mode! I made a side goal to get in the frame at least once a week. I got in 3 times the first week!

Week One.jpg

Week 2 - I made it in the picture 3 times! I’ve also noticed how Maddie now gets more photos because Henry is at school all day during the week. I need to remember to include him more.

Week Two.jpg

Week 3 - I was really feeling the black and white this week. I think it all started with my self portrait with Henry. I made a deliberate effort to take a picture with him. Especially since he saw the photos of me and Maddie and asked why he wasn’t in the picture. #heartbreaking I imagined our photo in classic black and white and it just set the tone for the whole week.

Week three.jpg

Week 4 - Ok I didn’t get in the frame but dad finally got his place in the grid! We had lunch at Ikea, the kids played in my new photo studio and Maddie continued to be Elsa day in and day out!

Week four.jpg

Week 5 - This was a cold week and we finally got some snow worth mentioning! Maddie continues to take center stage but it’s also her birthday month so we are all about Maddie! I managed to only get my thumb in a photo this week and Seth was TDY.

Week five.jpg

Week 6 - Birthday week! Maddie turned 3!! We pretty much celebrated all week with a family dinner and gifts, a dinner and unicorn cake with friends, and a trip to the Natural History Museum with friends!


Week 7 - This week Maddie started preschool! She started almost exactly 2 years after Henry did at the same school! (We were off by one day.) We also spent the weekend in Madrid! Olé!


Week 8 - I had some spillover from Spain and I got a new kitchen sink for my birthday! The weather has been amazing and we visited the playground a lot despite the lack of photos there :)


Week 9 - This week as been the most amazing, gorgeous, WARM February week ever! We’ve enjoyed it immensely!