Jenelle Botts


All hail the selfie-stick! #theonlywayigetinpictureswiththefamily

All hail the selfie-stick! #theonlywayigetinpictureswiththefamily


Hi! I’m Jenelle!

I’m so glad you are here wanting to know more about little ol’ me! I’m 40 years old (gasp!) and it wasn’t quite the cataclysmic shift that I thought it was going to be. I actually kind of like being “older”. Makes me feel legitimate and like I’m an adult. I’m an adult now, right?

My husband Seth and I made two perfect humans, Henry and Madeline. They are incredible and the reason I know how to yell at the perfect volume where I get my point across but the neighbors can’t hear.

I’m an Army veteran. I spent 13 years in uniform as an intelligence analyst for the Army. I loved it. I loved being a warrant officer and I loved working with soldiers! But I reached a pivot point in my life and I chose family over career. No regrets tho. I had a very successful career as a soldier. Now it’s time to be successful at something else!

I love to travel and take pictures (duh!). I love to cook and prepare meals. Most of my moments are defined by what I ate. I don’t like making noodles with butter and stupid chicken nuggets for my kids every night. But when I was child-free I would prepare amazing meals with variety and beautiful flavor profiles! (I even had a food blog back in the day! Don’t try to google find it… it’s gone. Probably.)

I love red wine from South America, Harry Potter and popcorn. I’m pretty easy to please! I’ve known my best friend since 7th grade. My dad is my hero. I send birthday cards every year to everyone in my address book without fail. I love a good cup of coffee with just a touch of sugar. I have to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. I love to sing, but I have a terrible singing voice! I actually don’t even like the way my voice sounds when I’m talking. But not much I can do about that and I like forcing/sharing my opinions with anyone that will listen so I get over it.

I take all my kids’ Butterfingers from their trick-or-treat bags. I once hid a bag of buffalo and blue cheese kettle chips from my husband and I haven’t heard the end of it. It was NINE years ago. ONE time. #eyeroll

I hope we get to know each other more in person. Although I’m sure my mini online profile is very attractive, I assure you I am much more charming and hilarious in person! If you ever want to have coffee or share your Butterfinger candy bar, let me know!