Jenelle Botts


All hail the selfie-stick! #theonlywayigetinpictureswiththefamily

All hail the selfie-stick! #theonlywayigetinpictureswiththefamily


Hi! I’m Jenelle. I am a wife, mother, and artist.

I am married to that handsome fella there in the photo. We made two humans together: Henry who is 5 and Maddie who is 3. Henry knows more about the world/maps/countries/flags then an average educated adult. Maddie isn’t afraid of anything and she also knows just the right buttons to push to get her big brother upset.

I use photography as a way to document history. Our family history. I have a shelf stacked full with photo albums. They are filled with snapshots and portraits. They tell the stories of our everyday and of our big moments. (Yes, I even print out iPhone pictures!) I dream of the day I can sit on the floor with my grandkids and show them the story of their parents. I believe every photo is important, no matter who takes it or what camera is used. Photos are powerful gateways into our memories. 

My first and most important job is to be the best wife and mother I can. My primary focus is getting the boy to school and spending quality time with the girl. I strive to be present, as much as I can. Time moves fast and waits for no one! So I’m here to be a part of it. To create that solid foundation for my kids. To implant my tidbits of knowledge and life lessons into the roots of my children. And of course my marriage is what holds our family together. I try to never lose sight of my husband’s and mine relationship and just how important it is to our children. I’m also a wine drinker and a book lover. I am a nomad at heart and am always planning the next vacation. 



Things you need to know about me:

  1. I’m hilarious.

  2. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop talking. Then it gets awkward. Just roll with it.

  3. I am 40 years old. I have discovered the meaning of true love. I am invested in meaningful friendships. I am raising two humans who are kind, respectful and smart. I have had a successful career as an officer in the United States Army. I have led troops in combat. I have two Bachelors and a Masters degree. I have mastered the art of making meatloaf. And yet I still have no idea what I’m doing. Life is hard!

  4. I love both traveling and being at home.

  5. Most of my moments are defined by what I ate.

  6. I love photography. I think about it all the time. I am constantly trying to be better. In photography I understand myself. I know myself. I feel free and in control. It is part of my big picture. (No pun intended. See? I’m funny!)

  7. I love getting mail. Not just magazines or Amazon Prime (ok I like them too). But I love getting a letter or a card with my name and address hand-written on the envelope. I believe other people like this too. That is why I send a birthday card every year to my family, friends, and friends-in-law. I believe people appreciate the extra time it takes to create something just a little more personal. And who doesn’t like to get something just for them in their mailbox? … that isn’t a bill! No one writes letters anymore and I’m trying to keep the tradition alive! (I might also be single-handedly keeping Hallmark in business #cardsarenotcheap).

  8. Sometimes I eat food just so I can have the sauce that goes with it. Fish -pretty good. Tartar sauce - the bomb! Same goes with garlic dip, honey mustard, and blue cheese.

This is me. This is us. Life is good!