How to decide if I'm the right photographer for you

Picking a photographer can either be easy or difficult. Maybe you’ve followed the work of a local artist and you’ve been saving up to become a client. Then it’s easy choice! You are already a fan-girl and you know who you love. Or maybe you’ve only recently decided that you want professional photos done and after looking at the photographers in the area you are overwhelmed by all the talent to choose from.

So how do you decide which photographer is best for you?

Every artist has their own vision and voice. They also create in a unique style. What does this all mean? It means that the personality and soul of each photographer is different and beautiful. You may appreciate an artist’s work and think their images are gorgeous, but feel like they just aren’t for you. And that’s ok! That’s how I feel too.


When I pick a photographer for my family photos I first look for a personality type. I want someone who is fun and free spirited. I don’t want photos to be a chore. Then I look at their portfolio and see if I want images like those hanging in my house. I look to see if the style and heart of the image is something that reflects my family.

But it’s important to know that just because you love someone’s photography, it doesn’t mean they will be a good fit for you. There are several photographers whom I respect and admire and who create beautiful pieces of art. But I know that working with them would not be a good fit for my family. Our personalities just don’t match. Or their voice just doesn’t match the personality of my family.

Are you and I a good match?


I sure hope so! If I was going to create a personals ad for my work it might look something like this: “Fun and high-energy photographer seeks to capture the love story of beautiful families.”

I’m an introvert by design but I love people! I get overly excited when I meet new people that are awesome! I love hugs and high-fives. I’m not stuffy or boring.

My images are full of heart and perfectly imperfect. You might call my work a beautiful mess! My families are full of life. They don’t want to stand and say cheese. They want to love. The kids want to play. The couples want to kiss. My families aren’t afraid of PDA! My families are at ease just being together. They spend the hour hugging and whispering and connecting. They aren’t afraid to just be. My couples have sexual chemistry. They are in love and being in their presence is inspiring! My families have a trust in each other that makes them find comfort in what ever they are doing, as long as they are together.

As for me, I view each photograph as a little love note. They are nostalgic. You can hear the sounds in them - the giggles, the sigh. You can feel them - a warm embrace, a cool breeze. I’m not going to give you photos of what you look like. I am going to show you who you are.

Your gallery will be filled with more than just photos. I am giving you the gift of time.

I imagine you sitting down one day with the grandkids and pulling out a 4x6 photo from our session. I picture you looking at it and smiling as you conjure up countless stories about that time, that place, that person, that love. Remember when you…. Your dad used to always…. I loved living in…. That summer was… as you run your finger over the smiles.


That’s what I want for you. That is the gift I want to give to you with each photograph.

My images are emotive, timeless, a little vintage and 100% authentic. My photos are not clean, polished, or shiny. There won’t be much eye contact with the camera. Some might be blurry with motion and most will be a little grainy. Your gallery will weave your story through time. They will be perfectly imperfect and full of heart!

If you want a storytelling experience with time devoted to just your family in a truly authentic and heartfelt way; and if you want a collection of imagery that sparks stories and tugs heartstrings - then we are the perfect fit!