Why you should take photos in your ugly, boring, stupid government-issued house


Most of us here in Wiesbaden with the US military are assigned government housing to live in. For some, it’s devastating. For most, it’s just something we have to do. For all, there is an overwhelming feel of “temporary”. This isn’t a home we will stay in forever, or even for more than 3-4 years!. This isn’t a home we had a choice in. It isn’t a place we can fix up and make our own. In fact, the walls are concrete and hanging things on the walls takes extra steps!

Government housing in Wiesbaden lacks charm and character. The light isn’t good, in fact it’s depressing! Sometimes you’re lucky and you get a north-facing house and you get nice sun through your windows. The Layouts are boring. The exterior is boring. And the floors are pretty ugly.


But it’s home. It’s more than a place you lived, it is a place you grew. For a lot of military families, their government assigned apartment is the first home their children will ever live in. It is the home where they will became parents. These women will walk through their front door holding their precious newborn into the home where they will learn how to be a mother. This is significant and important and beautiful.

These stupid government housing walls contain families who are growing and laughing and learning! It is within these walls that memories are made, friendships are nurtured and romances blossom.

Your family will experience milestones here. First days of school, first lost tooth, first dates, birthdays, visits from grandparents, proms, sleepovers and first kisses will all happen while living in your boring government house! Embrace the moments, not what your house looks like.

It is important to remember these walls and terrible paint jobs. Because this is your home. These concrete walls tell stories and mark a special and unique time in the lives of your family.


Your son will one day look at a photo of him eating ice cream on the stoop of the apartment building and tell his kid about the time he lived in Germany as a kid while his dad was in the Army. He’ll remember how proud of his dad is was. In his mind he will recall images of his dad in uniform and how heroic he looked! He will be filled with pride and nostalgia.


This boring, stupid, no charm government house you are living in now is part of your legacy. It is part of your story. So don’t be afraid to take photos of it. Don’t think that it can’t possibly be the backdrop in beautiful photos. Your story is beautiful. All parts of it!


An in home lifestyle family session will show the magic of your life while living in Germany. It will include the home you grew and the place you spent most of your time.

Don’t be afraid of those walls! Document them to complete your story.