Maddie Turns 3


Somehow it happened. My baby turned three! It’s a strange thing to experience - time moving slow and fast at the same time. It’s a mystery how the days go by in a blur and yet somehow never seem to end. But here we are three years after she came screaming into this world a week early. It’s incredible to watch her learn and love. She’s brave and curious and truly her own person. She loves dogs and cats and horses and princesses. She changes her outfit at least three times a day. Refuses help on almost every task - except zipping up her coat. She LOVES her brother. She’s my every thing. She is the future of women and we are very lucky to have her!

I set her on my bed with some window light and a huge rose gold “3” balloon. And then I took over 200 pictures! #sorrynotsorry

I picked out the best to share here. Miss Madeline Marie! Beautiful and THREE!!