I Want You To #existinphotos


Back in 2014, Sue Bryce, an accomplished portrait photographer, started the #ExistInPhotos movement. Sue explained that her idea came from reflection on a time in her life when she did not like being photographed because she didn’t like the way she looked. She confessed that she “understood the power of not being able to see myself. I understood the power of not thinking I was good enough to have a photograph of my life.”

I’m 5 years late the hashtag party but the message still resonates. You are good enough just the way you are today to exist in photographs. You are beautiful enough to be photographed with your children. This movement is more than a hashtag. It is calling us to consider what we leave our loved ones. And it’s begging us to stop making excuses.

Stop hiding. Let’s celebrate you as you are today. Right now! Not “later” when you’ve lost the baby weight. Or “later” when you have perfect hair and matching outfits. Every little detail of your life deserves recognition. Your whole story deserves to be told. We are documenting NOW for the FUTURE. Allow yourself to exist in photos.


I think about what photo my kids will frame of me when I’m gone. I wonder what photos they will cling to when they need to remember me - my scent, the sound of my laugh, the look of love in my eyes. What photos will tell my story as a woman, a wife, a mother, a human. What photo will bring them comfort and strength.

When you are 95 years old, what photos would you like to pull out of the albums to flip through? (Also print your photos because no one scrolls through USB drives or Facebook profiles when they are feeling nostalgic and sentimental.) Don’t you want to see you at 16, 35, 52, 75? Milestones don’t stop at childhood. Preserve your memory! Exist in photos!

So yes, it is worth the investment to hire a professional photographer to document your story. I will take the most beautiful photo of you and your family so that you can cherish it for the rest of your life! But it’s also just important to take those photos yourself. Hand the camera to a friend or stranger when you are out. Set the self-timer and set the camera up to get you and your kids in your home. It can be that simple! Be in the photo with your children. It’s ok if you don’t have on make-up or if your house is a mess. No one is looking at your messy hair - Your kids want to see YOU.

You deserve this. This is your legacy. Don’t duck out of the room and miss the photo! #ExistInPhotos