My Jams


Music. The universal language of emotions, stories, inspiration and good feels!

There’s a mountaintop that I’m dreaming of. If you need me you know where I’ll be.
— George Ezra, Shotgun

Recently one of my favorite photographers shared the playlist she listens to when she seeks to feel inspired and feel moved. Her and I have wildly different tastes in music but I loved the idea of sharing music.

I don’t get to listen to my music very often. I do when I’m editing after bedtime or the few occasions I’m driving without any kids in the car. I actually have a playlist that I listen to on the way to sessions to get me motivated and pumped up!

There are some songs on my playlist that warm the heart. They mean something. They serve a purpose and sing a universal message for humanity. “I Was Here” by Lady Antebellum and “Stand Up” by Sugarland, for example. These songs will give you goosebumps, ya’ll! If you don’t even get a lump in your throat listening to these songs then there is something wrong with you!

I have songs that move me to sing. The music is breathtaking and soulful! I just want to wrap myself up in the energy they create! Shake it Out, Stay Awake, Ghost and 7 Years make me wish I could sing better so I could do them justice in my minivan.

Then there are the songs that get you moving! My kids and I dance to these in the living room and kitchen! You can’t help but dance when you hear Zero and Shut Up And Dance or Good To Be Alive!

And then there are the songs that have no redeeming value except that they are awesome.

Maxine put on your red shoes, hun. We’re going to the disco.
— Wyclef Jean, Perfect Gentleman

“I was blessed with the body of the Goddesses. Have you any idea how hard this is?” No Hope, I don’t. But I feel ya girl! Guilty. I love singing all. the. lyrics to Perfect Gentleman. Fun story. When I was a NCO in the Army we would head out to the firing range early to set everything up. My friend Dan, a fellow sergeant. would go into the booth and turn on the loud speakers and sing Perfect Gentleman karaoke. He also really liked singing Purple Rain. He killed it every time!

Memories can be tied to sounds and music is a powerful sound. Our senses play an incredible role in what we remember and the emotions tied to people, events, and places.

I’m happy to share my playlist with you on Spotify. It’s free to stream and I’ll probably add to it as time goes on. If you follow the playlist, you’ll get the updates as well. Listen to it when you need some new sounds and when you just want to be uplifted and feel happy!