My Why


Have I ever told you why I became a photographer?

I’ve always had a camera, as far back as I can remember. In fact I remember one Christmas, I must have been in 4th or 5th grade, and my brother and I snuck into the living room and under the tree and each picked one present to open illegally. We slit the tape and carefully unwrapped the gifts. My box contained a new 110 film camera! Back in those days I kept elaborate scrapbooks filled with photos, ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, and other pieces of trash - I mean memorabilia - that reminded me of all the little things that was happening in my life.

I bought my first digital camera before I deployed to Afghanistan. I wasn’t sure why I wanted a camera or what photos I would take, but I knew that I needed to take one. And these new cameras didn’t require film or processing! I could just upload them and share away! I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would and when I did it was mostly of life on the base. I only have one photo of me out on mission, but to be honest there really wasn’t much time for photos.

I kept up the photographing of the little things. Details mostly. I photographed my food a lot! When I lived in Korea I would take photos of bottles lined up on walls and displays of colorful pottery. We traveled a lot and I took photos while we were there!


Fast forward to June 2013. Photography was still very personal and only for me. The scrapbooking had come to an end and I shared mostly memes on Facebook. But then I became a mom. Suddenly I had this person in my life who was full of important details! By then I had upgraded my digital camera a couple of times. I knew the creative part of photography but I still hadn’t taken the time to understand the technical part of it. I was still on Auto mode!

Then I made a mom friend who not only ended up saving me from PPD and from having a newborn with a deployed husband, but she introduced me to photography in a very real way. She is a professional photographer, and a VERY good one! She brought me out of Auto and into Manual and changed me as a photographer.

I took photos everyday! (I still do.) My baby was a miracle worth the documenting. Everything he did, every sound he made, I wanted to remember. Every bath, messy meal, snuggle and milestone I photographed and sent to his dad in Afghanistan.


Time went on and I discovered that this was not just a personal hobby, but a craft that I loved. I wanted to learn more! I sought out education and inspiration and mentors. I joined communities of photographers and searched within myself for what it was that I loved about photography.

And this is where I am today. I find inspiration in a patch of light, the simplicity of childhood and the legacy of family. They say that life imitates art and vice versa. That is how it works for me as well. I focus on family photography because that is where my life is right now. We are in the midst of growing and learning and loving and milestones and memory making! I am beyond appreciative for my marriage and I’m crazy in love with my husband! My kids are my world and if I could cuddle them all day I would! I am building my legacy and that is where my art has taken me as well.

So with the encouragement of my husband and family and friends, I decided to try running a photography business. I opened myself up to my community and offered my voice. I want to give everyone the gift of time. The ability to freeze a moment and savor a connection. I want you to have heirloom pieces that spark stories down memory lane. I want to show you how much your kids love you and just how beautiful you are! This is your story. It is messy and beautiful and yours to own. To preserve your legacy is my passion. I will honor your truth and tell your story.