Texture and Light

We were at the pool last week and we were the only ones in the kid’s area. Well there was one other mom and her infant son. But my kids were the only ones playing in the pool. I brought my camera to capture our day and to photograph the kids. I meant to get in the frame at least once but my kids never slowed down!

They spent most of the time climbing to rope to the slide that splash landed into the pool. Then they parked in the sand pit and built sand castles. I spent as much time as I could with them but then I headed to the water to collect the water toys they had brought. As I was walking I noticed the bubbles in the pool. The water was only about ankle deep so the bubbles made deep shadows on the pool floor. The water moved and rippled. It bubbled and stopped. I saw texture and motion. I saw light and shadows. I saw something beautiful - right there next to my toes in the shallow kid pool. Sometimes you just have to look down to find something uplifting!