Jenelle Read a Book: The Silent Patient

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I’m starting a new series here on the blog called “Jenelle Read a Book”. And you guessed it! The series will feature books that I’m reading/have already read. Some will get raving reviews and some I might not have even finished because it was so bad. But either way you’ll walk away with a list of new books to try in different genres that you might not think of diving into!

The first book of the series is The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. The Silent Patient was recommended to me by my Aunt Linda who is a retired teacher and one of the smartest people I know! She loves reading and is always searching for the next best book. So when she suggested I add it to my reading list, I did.

And it was AMAZING! The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller that reads like a love story. WHAT??? Yeah that confuses me too. What I mean is that it has an easy cadence. It reads smoothly and soulfully. It is easy to pick up the voice of the narrator and sink into his spell. Oh and there’s a murder. And they don’t know who did it. They think they do. But she won’t talk.

The book weaves together the stories of Alicia and Theo in an irresistible and captivating thriller of love, passion and obsession. And the end… F-ING MIND BLOWING! Seriously, you won’t see it coming. Don’t even try. My husband while TDY sent me a phone snap shot of Chapter 17 and said this was the point in the book that he knew. And then he kept reading. And he didn’t know!

Shocking. Relentless. Chilling. Intense. And you won’t be able to put it down!

It’s a quick read and reads as smooth as silk. You’ll slip right in and find yourself emerged in this twisted tale and be so glad that you’re there!

Buy The Silent Patient on Amazon. (not an affiliate link)