Jenelle Read a Book: Be Your Own Makeup Artist

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You may remember my post about a project I worked on with my friend and makeup artist Natalie. Well that project has officially launched and I have my hands on a beautiful new book!

Natalie has poured her heart and soul into Be Your Own Makeup Artist. It truly reflects her values regarding beauty and makeup.

In her debut book, Natalie puts the power and knowledge back into your hands. She informs you on how to make your own choices when it comes to navigating the makeup aisle. Without selling you on brands or with referrals, she teaches you how to determine which products are best for you and your lifestyle.

She then maps out how to not just apply makeup but how to approach makeup. She explains it more than just using products to cover you up. It’s about using these tools to build confidence and make you look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

She talks to you as if she is a friend and her instructions are clear and in easy to follow language. Never did I feel like she was talking above my head. And her tips are applicable right away - with the products and the style you already have!

I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in this love story by creating custom imagery to accompany her words.

Just some of my photography featured in Be Your Own Makeup Artist, by Natalie Setareh

Just some of my photography featured in Be Your Own Makeup Artist, by Natalie Setareh

You don’t have to be a makeup pro or even be in love with makeup to appreciate and enjoy this book. If you are like me and simply wear makeup and just want to be more in control of how it looks, you will love this book! It reads like a conversation and informs like only an expert can do.

You can visit Natalie’s portfolio here and purchase her book in digital, hardback and paperback here.