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Jenelle Read a Book: A Little History of the World

This is not a comprehensive, scholastic text book account of world history. It is a story. There is a “once upon a time”. Except the best part of this story is that it is true.

A Little History of the World is told as a story that you might hear from your grandfather as you sit on the front porch with him.

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Jenelle Read a Book: The Silent Patient

The book weaves together the stories of Alicia and Theo in an irresistible and captivating thriller of love, passion and obsession. And the end… F-ING MIND BLOWING! Seriously, you won’t see it coming. Don’t even try. My husband while TDY sent me a phone snap shot of Chapter 17 and said this was the point in the book that he knew. And then he kept reading. And he didn’t know! Shocking. Relentless. Chilling. Intense. And you won’t be able to put it down!

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Your guide to creating and printing photo books

It’s summer vacation. And for us here in Europe it means fantasy vacations and once-in-a-lifetime adventures! I’ve been watching my friends’ Facebook feeds fill up with beautiful photo albums full of beautiful destinations and breathtaking moments. …

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