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My Jams

Music. The universal language of emotions, stories, inspiration and good feels!

I’m happy to share my playlist with you on Spotify. It’s free to stream and I’ll probably add to it as time goes on. If you follow the playlist, you’ll get the updates as well. Listen to it when you need some new sounds and when you just want to be uplifted and feel happy!

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I Want You To #existinphotos

Back in 2014, Sue Bryce, an accomplished portrait photographer, started the #ExistInPhotos movement. Sue explained that her idea came from reflection on a time in her life when she did not like being photographed because she didn’t like the way she looked. She confessed that she “understood the power of not being able to see myself. I understood the power of not thinking I was good enough to have a photograph of my life.”

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How I Choose a Black and White Edit

A lot of photographers will deliver both black and white and color versions of each photo in a gallery. If you’ve received a gallery from me, you know that I don’t do that. There have been a handful of very rare occasions where I deliver a black and white as well as a color edit of the same image. But more often than not, it’s either or.

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Composing Your Everyday Photos - With Any Camera

I pulled some of my favorite everyday photos from my personal albums and I picked them apart to tell you why they work. I’ll tell you why the composition makes it a great photo and tools you can use to compose great photos yourself - no matter what camera you are using! These rules apply to cell phone cameras, fancy expensive digital cameras and even disposable film cameras!

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Mobile Photography - How to Edit Like a Pro

I’m a big believer in the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you. DSLR cameras are big and heavy. Even I don’t carry mine around everywhere! Cell phone cameras are high quality these days. You can take excellent photos with them and capture all the memories and moments without fiddling with settings or lugging around a heavy piece of equipment. Just this past weekend I only used my iPhone on a trip to a museum in Wiesbaden. Photos with a phone are quick and non-intrusive and it slides away easily so you can get back to participating in the moment.

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How to decide if I'm the right photographer for you

Picking a photographer can either be easy or difficult. Maybe you’ve followed the work of a local artist and you’ve been saving up to become a client. Then it’s easy choice! You are already a fan-girl and you know who you love. Or maybe you’ve only recently decided that you want professional photos done and after looking at the photographers in the area you are overwhelmed by all the talent to choose from.

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Prints vs. Digital: Why printed photographs are important

Printed photographs are heirloom items. They hold the power to start conversation, to bring people closer, to elicit emotion. They have the ability to document a story. My story. My Facebook feed doesn't tell my story. Facebook isn't beautiful. The photo album on my phone is temporary. It's not exciting. It's for split-second mini moments.

My printed photo albums are forever. They are impactful. They are tangible memories. 

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