The Austin Family | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photography


Am I allowed to pick favorites? I have a favorite kid…

Well the Austin Family has to be my favorite photo session so far! And it just happened to be a free session since I booked it before I actually became a business (German laws are pretty particular about earning money before you’re properly registered). But after a couple of reschedules, they fell smack dab in the middle of my first busy season and became a breath of fresh air!

The Austin’s decided on a combination of an in-home and an outdoor session. They live in the valleys of wine country and they are surrounded by rolling hills and twisting vines. Plus it was fall and the colors are breathtaking!

This family of 5 is actually a family of 8 because their pups are just as loved as the two-legged kids are. And what a joy to be around! They were funny and playful and they weren't shy about showing their affection for each other. They needed very little direction because being together came so naturally to them.

The photos from their session gave them a piece of history, their history. It shows how they lived as a family during their time in Germany. In a house that love build surrounded by the culture of a foreign land. Full of stories and friendship and a new way of living. My favorite photos from their session are the perfectly imperfect ones! The photos that show how real and tangible their relationships really are. Messy and crazy and true!