The King and McTighe Families | Austria Snow Minis | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photography

For me, photographs are the closest thing to the gift of time I can give anyone. That’s why I always offer to take photos of a family together. As a mother I know how important it is to be present - to be present in the moment without any distractions (like fiddling with my phone or camera and stopping everything to get a photo) and to show up in our tangible memories. When we are on vacation it is pretty rare that the 4 of us are all in the photo. About 90% of our travel photos are my kids and husband, 9% have me in them, and 1% have the 4 of us courtesy of the selfie stick!

So when we were planning our December holiday vacation to the mountains of Austria I immediately offered up a 10 minute family photo session to the 2 families traveling with us. I also know that getting kids to focus when there is skiing to be done isn’t the easiest task. And preparing for a photo session isn’t something you want to do while on vacation. But family photos are important and I wanted my friends to have beautiful moments from our snowy holiday trip!

So one morning before the ski lifts opened I took each family up the mountain for s quick and dirty photo session! No fancy outfits, 10 minutes max. And I promised a snow fight!