George Family In-Home Lifestyle Session | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photography

Twins! I was so excited when Mirnesa called me to take photos of her new family! Mirnesa and I worked together at the school last year so I watched her pregnancy progress and celebrated her growing family with her. And then just a couple of weeks ago I got to snuggle her adorable babies!

Her and Gabriel had already packed up most of the house as they planned their move back to the states. But she wanted to capture some moments in their first home as a family! Miah and Tristan were just the best babies. They were calm and so sweet and totally fascinated with the world around them. And boy do they love their mama and dad!

It just warms my heart to see such loving families. Raising babies isn’t easy - and two at a time can take their toll on the strongest adults! But Mirnesa and Gabriel do it with such grace and patience. THey’ve created a warm home with lots of snuggles and priority on the things that really matter.

Good luck in your move guys! You’ll be missed!