Babička and Me | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photography


There is nothing more special than the relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild. I watch it now with my parents and my kids and I’ve lived it with my own grandparents. There is something unique about a child’s relationship with a grandparent. It is similar to the one they have with their parents -but there’s more magic! The stress and worry isn’t present. Grandparents are there to play and love and comfort and teach.

My grandfather, Popsie, used to have a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina in a little neighborhood called Bear Paw. Every summer without fail we would pack up the van and drive through the mountains to have a summer vacation with all my cousins. It was a special time! We all slept in sleeping bags. We went out on the boat every day! Nature walks and dinners on the porch. The grown ups would drink mountains of wine and in the evenings went out on sunset boat cruises to drink more! I couldn’t wait to be a grown up and join them on the sunset cruise. Not for the wine but for the exclusivity of being an adult! I realized as I got older how important these gatherings were. Family only. Tradition. Time together. Popsie taught me the value of family time and how important it is.

My relationship with Popsie is what I thought about first when Klara contacted me about getting photos with her grandson Nico. How incredibly special it will be for them each to have photographs of their relationship! It seems so obvious for mothers and their children to have photos taken, but why not grandmothers too? They are a part of motherhood as well and deserve just as much of the celebration!

Klara and I are old friends from the school. She is beautiful and has the spirit of a fighter! Her grandson Nico is serious and playful with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen! (He gets them from his grandma!) Klara is from the Czech Republic and so Nico calls her Babička. He speaks three languages and is easily already smarter than me! Klara and Nico have a very special relationship built on trust and comfort. They enjoy reading together and sharing meals in her bright kitchen. Nico is about to become a big brother so soon he will have to share Babička with a new baby. But I know this will just add to the play and the love and the cuddle time!

It was such a pleasure to document their relationship. It is more special than words can describe! I know these images are more than pictures, they are windows into relationships and a love so pure it can only exist between a grandchild and his Babička!