The Welch Family | Celebrating Motherhood | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photography


Motherhood is what awakened the artist in me. My introduction to motherhood was profound, eye-opening and heart-opening. Like all new mothers, I was introduced to motherhood after 9 months of pregnancy which is nothing short of a miracle. On the day I became a mother I was nervous, excited, exhausted, sweaty and scared. And then came the moment when everything changed. All mothers experience this and every mother’s moment is unique and beautiful but also universal.

Everything changed: my body, my brain matter, my priorities, my eating and sleeping patterns, the way my neurons fired in my body. The world looked different and that baby became my world. My baby was in my arms which is right where he was always meant to be. I looked down at his matted hair and wide eyes and we both looked at each other for the very first time. It is a moment I will never forget. It is a moment that defines me.

Motherhood for me over these past 5 and a half years continues to be a celebration of moments. There are the big things and the little stuff. The happy, proud moments and the times I wasn’t so proud of myself. But with each sunset over these last 5 and a half years, every day has been a celebration! Another day survived. Another milestone accomplished. And I don’t just celebrate my children, but also myself. Helen Reddy sang about being a woman and our strength and how nothing can stop us!

“I know too much to go back an' pretend.”

“Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong..”

And this is why motherhood is my artistic inspiration. My muse, if you will. To me there is nothing more beautiful, honest, raw, and pure than a mother with her children. Even when they are screaming at the grocery store and she is carrying him out like a surfboard! Because we all know motherhood isn’t lined with roses and champagne! But the miracle is that we keep coming back. “And I come back even stronger; Not a novice any longer; 'Cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul..”

Being a mother is who we are. Our children are our everything. Yes we are more than just a mother - we are soldiers and professionals and educators and artists and community leaders and volunteers and wives. We are role models for our children in every way you can imagine. And all of the things that we do, we do for our children. And that is beautiful!

With my art, I celebrate that incredible role we play in the world. I want to show you, beautiful mama, the significance of your role as a mother. I want to show you how your children adore you and how they look at you. When I see a child with his mother there is an instant feeling of safety and belonging. YOU provide that for your children. You make them feel safe enough to do anything! There is a raw beauty in how a mother holds her child. When a child laughs with their mother there is freedom and security.

Your role as a mother is your legacy. It is the legacy that I pass down to my children. My experience in motherhood will help shape the people they grow up to become. And when I’m gone, it is my role as a mother that they will reflect on to comfort them and to find strength from.

I want to give all my mamas a chance to see just how beautiful they are and how much more beautiful they make the world with their commitment to their family. I want your children to have photos of them with you loving on them like only a mother can do! I want them to find comfort and strength in these photos when they will need it the most.

Motherhood is a cause for celebration! YOU are a cause for celebration!