Hamilton Family | Wiesbaden Family Photographer | Jenelle Botts Photoraphy


The Hamilton Family officially kicked off my spring season. And I have to admit I was super nervous! Mary is an amazing photographer and I new I had to bring my A-game because she is such a talented artist and professional I didn’t want to embarrass myself!

But they put me at ease with their grace and kindness. I was so honored to spend this evening with the Hamiltons. Lily was as poised and graceful as her mother. Sean Jr. was the most positive and polite kid I’ve ever met! He kept telling me that he was enjoying himself and that he hoped we could do this again sometime! Sweet Liam was a charmer. He must have inherited some of his mother’s love for photography because he was very interested my camera and even used my backup camera to take some photos of his own. He got one of me in action and it’s my new favorite photo!

Sean and Mary are high school sweethearts and still just as in love as they day they met as teenagers! They have an easy demeanor about them that brings you in with a warm hug. Sean is a medic with the Army and that’s what brought them to Germany. Like most military families, they are taking advantage of living overseas to enrich their children’s lives with culture and broaden their views of the world.

It was a distinct honor to capture this family of 5 on a beautiful German evening! Their’s in the kind of love that dreams are made of!