Huettner Family - Wiesbaden Family Photographer


For one school year which both sped by too quickly and took forever to get through, I was a kindergarten assistant teacher at the DoDEA school here in Wiesbaden. Henry was one of my students. And he was just the funniest guy! He always had a joke at lunch and wanted to show off his dance moves at recess!

Lam was an active parent in our classroom. She often brought along Harrison because it’s hard being a parent to two kids and still want to be involved. So we welcomed siblings so that parents could participate in both their kids’ lives. Kevin is just the best dad too. He engages so well with his boys. Being both silly and intimate come so naturally to him.

I’ll never forget when I turned on One Direction and the boys went nuts dancing! The best part was how much their parents got into it too! It made it so much fun and really showed their true family dynamic.

They are headed off to their next adventure as a family. That’s the life of the military community - always meeting the best people and then having to say good-bye. Or rather, see you later!