Margaret and Doug - Wiesbaden Family Photographer - Jenelle Botts Photography


Talk about a power couple! He’s an Army doctor and she’s a lawyer. But really they just want to spend their days playing with dogs! Margaret and Doug met me downtown in their final weeks in Wiesbaden. They had only been married a year but endured several years of distance to get to this point. While stationed here in Germany, Margaret and Doug traveled to TWENTY-SIX countries! That might be a record for the people I’ve met through this business. They also do other fun couple things like go to Elton John concerts and drink cocktails and eat pizza on Saturday evenings.

The best part about being around these two is the way Margaret makes Doug smile. Doug smiles with his whole body when it comes to Margaret. He is so tender and smitten with her. It is a pleasure to be around! You gotta love love! Good luck you too! I can’t wait to cross paths with you again and see how many dogs you’ve collected!