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Welcome to the Down North Print Shop!

Why “Down North”? My son Henry is a geography buff. He is always drawing maps, inventing new countries and figuring out ways to get to places he’s never been. In one conversation about South America he said he had to go “down north” and we all scratched our heads as to what direction that was! You see he was remembering a map in our friend’s house that is positioned with the north pole at the bottom. As our earth is constantly spinning and rotating on its axis, north may sometimes feel down! The whimsy of a 6-year old and his love for far off places inspired the name of this shop.

Here you will find a little of whimsy for your own personal collections. Images stem from my creativity and our travels. I seek to find the beauty in the places that are just a little off from navigational north!

Shop for home decor pieces and collections for your personal art galleries here in the Down North!

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