I want to make your experience seamless and stress-free. I’ve included answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding your session and my business. Hopefully I can answer your questions before you even have to ask!


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+ How do I know you’re the best photographer for me?

Would you describe yourself as a beautiful mess? Or are you more clean and polished? If you answered a mess, we would make a good match! If you feel comfortable just being with your family and aren’t afraid of a little PDA, I’m your gal! If your kids are full of joy and energy and don’t like being bored and stuffy, then we will make beautiful magic! A photo session with me is full of freedom and ooey-gooey kisses. If spending intentional time with your family with the freedom to just be you sounds fun, give me a call. I’ll turn your love into a work of art! Also, this might help you decide!

+ What are your prices?

Packages start at $400 and my prices are all-inclusive, which means they include the session as well as a collection of digital and printed photographs. I offer mini-sessions seasonally throughout the year which run between $150-$250. Sign up for my newsletter to get first dibs on those spots.

+ What’s included in a package?

Your complete experience begins with a communication between me and you. I will take the time to discuss date & time, location, outfits and intent with you. Our photo session will last about an hour where we will laugh and play and share. Afterwards I work hard to handcraft each image into a piece of art that you will treasure always. Your gallery will be full of smiles, giggles, and lots of love!

+ How do I pay?

I use Shootproof to draft contracts and send invoices. You can pay via credit card using their payment gateway. It is safe and secure and I don’t see or store any of your information. If you want to pay the package balance at your session, just let me know ahead of time.

+ How do I book a session?

Just use that Inquiry button at the top of the page to start the conversation. We will set a date and then mark your calendar! I require a $50 deposit and a signed contract to book a session.

+ What is in your contract?

My contract is pretty standard across the industry and if you have had professional photos done before, you’ve likely seen something similar.

Basically the contract states that you understand that the copyright on all images belongs to me and Jenelle Botts Photography as a business. Basically, I own the rights to all the images. The contract also states that you give me permission to use the images from your session at my discretion for professional use only.

It also covers payments, deposits, what happens in the event that you or I have to cancel or reschedule the session, and how long I keep your images in my archive.

Your Print Release will be delivered to you at your session. This gives you permission to print and share images from your gallery for personal use. You are not authorized to edit or alter the images in any way. This includes: adding a filter, performing edits to the image, and adding overlays or text. You may crop the image to fit social media, for example you may crop them into a square to fit Instagram.

I am happy to answer all questions you might have before you sign the contract.

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+ What can we do to prepare for our session?

Included with your contract will be a questionnaire. In this document you will tell me about you and your family. It will ask about personality traits and any special photos you want to capture. This questionnaire will help me prepare for the session and get you thinking about what you want.

I’ve also created a beautiful Client Guide Magazine that you can find here and I also send it to you after your contract is signed so you have easy access to it. In the magazine it has tips on what to wear, how to prepare the kids (and husbands!), make-up tips, and what to expect from me!

+ Will you pose us for photos?

Kind of. But not really. Think of me as the director of a movie and you’re the actors. I’ll tell you where to stand and what to do with your hands. But you will infuse the scene with your own personality and unique story. There is no need to worry about what to do or feeling awkward. I’m going to tell you what you need to do! Then you just have to let yourself sink into the moment and interact with your family in your own personal way!

This time is about you, not me. Don’t feel like you have to look at the camera. Today is about capturing your family at this stage in your lives. It is about an honest connection, relationships, and a sense of presence. Authenticity is the name of the game, so if your kids don’t want to hug each other, that’s ok! If you can’t stop kissing your husband, please don’t! I’m here to soak up the love and to create heirloom images that capture this time in your lives. It’s ok to be you. And it’s ok for your kids to be them. That’s the whole point!

+ Can we bring props?

Of course! I’d love a heads up so I can prepare, but I’d love to incorporate something unique to tell your story. Does your daughter have a stuffed animal she can’t part with? Does you son have a favorite book or sport he just loves? Bring them! It’s part of who they are. Four-legged friends who are also family members are also welcome.

+ What should we wear?

I provide a What To Wear guide in my Client Magazine. They key is to be comfortable. Wear something that you would normally wear, just a little fancier! Movement and texture add interest and add beautiful detail to your story. Think of a flowing skirt hemline trailing in the wind along the grass or lace sleeves with the sun shining through them.

Coordination is in. Matching is out! Neutral, earthy colors photograph really well. Add patterns and a pop of color into your family’s overall wardrobe. Avoid logos, characters, neon, and anything that will date your photos.

My rule is to start with mom and build the rest of the outfits around you! For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards.

+ What about hair and make-up? What do you recommend?

When planning for your hair and make-up for your photo session, stay true to your classic look, just make it a touch fancier!

Apply your make-up in natural light since that is what I shoot in. And add a touch more lipstick than you normal would since lips tend to get washed out. If you don’t normally wear lipstick (like me), add a bit of tinted gloss for picture day.

In my Client Guide Magazine, Natalie Setareh, a professional make-up artist in Wiesbaden, gives out her tips for make-up application on photo day. I also highly recommend her as your make-up artist for your session. She and I have worked on several projects together (here and here) which means she understands my style of photography and the light I work with.

For men, arrive to the session with a fresh shave, unless you are going for the rugged look which I totally dig! You’ll want to remove any phones, keys and wallets from your pants pockets prior to the session. You’ll want to look sharp without any mystery bumps in your pockets!


+ What happens after the session? How long will it take to get my photos?

A typical session takes 10-14 days to process. Sometimes more, often times less. This will change with my work load and my schedule. At the time of your session, I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate on when your gallery will be delivered.

After your gallery is delivered you will be asked to Make Your Selections. The package you purchase will determine this. Digital images will be sent to you too download after I get your selections. Your prints are ordered from Richards Photo Lab in the States. They typically complete the order in a couple of days. The photos will be shipped through the APO mail system. I’ll send you the USPS tracking number once it’s been shipped.

I take a lot of photos at each session and I take a large variety of shots. When I sit down to process your session, I choose my favorites to edit. The photos I choose equally represent the beauty of your family and my artistic style. Your final gallery will reflect the story of your session.