The Elegance Collection


Includes: one 14×12″ floating frame with one 8×10″ fine art print + a brass and walnut display box with 25 5×5″ prints + 25 digital images

If you like classic, effortless and timeless, the Elegance Package perfect for you! Included in your package is a 14×12″ floating frame mounted with an 8×10″ fine art print from your gallery and comes ready to hang. It has effortless style and is a sophisticated accent to any wall. It is made of frame-grade acrylic and is ideal for those who have to pack up and move often. The bolts can be removed to swap out photos at a later time. It is a classic statement piece designed to display your works of art. The brass and walnut display box is a simple but classy way to keep your stories alive! The top holds a single print while the rest await their turn at the top down below.  It is a fun conversation starter and a timeless statement piece to your home.

The Minimalist Collection 


Includes: one 14×12″ floating frame with one 8×10″ fine art print + a cork and brass photo stand with 10 5×5″ prints + 20 digital images

The Minimalist Collection gives you everything you want without any fuss. The collection includes the floating frame statement piece from the Elegance Collection and a cork and brass photo stand with a set of prints. Display your favorite and and rotate each day to relive a new memory!

Can’t choose which ones to print? I will select my top photos from your gallery to help narrow down the choices!

The Treasured Collection


Includes: a 5×7″ brass tabletop frame with 4×6″ fine art print + a set of 10 4×6″ prints + 20 digital images

The Treasured Collection is a keepsake collection to be passed on to the next generation! Display your favorite photos in this gorgeous brass tabletop frame. It comes mounted with a 4×6″ image from your gallery and ready to display. Keep your stories alive by rotating from 10 additional 4×6″ prints. Your photos will be printed on textured, matte, museum quality paper and kept safe in custom kraft packaging. Hang them on the fridge, gift them to the grandparents, add them to your photo albums or frame them for your walls. They are sure to be treasured for years to come!

The Digital Collection


Includes: your entire edited digital gallery with print release

The Digital Collection as simple as it can get. With this package you will get your digital gallery for immediate download. Your gallery will include both high resolution (prepared for high quality printing) and web-ready (optimized for high quality web sharing) and print release. Save, print and share!