Hannah and Thomas - Couples Photo Session in Wiesbaden Germany

I don't even know where to start! This is the second time I've had the pleasure to photograph Thomas and Hannah. The first time was in their home. But now their home is all packed up and on its way to Tennessee! Their Germany chapter is coming to a close. So there really wasn't any better way to make an exit than on the streets of Wiesbaden!

Hannah and Thomas are old pros at getting professional photographs done. They value the worth of a photographed memory. Hannah is quite the photographer herself and has carefully and beautifully documented their time in Germany and their travels through Europe. She keeps them in frames placed throughout her house and adorning her walls... or at least she did until the movers came! Now they are packed away awaiting a new place in their new home.

I asked Thomas and Hannah what they will miss the most about living in Germany. They both agreed that the travel opportunities made their time here memorable. Thomas' favorite destination - Rome. And I have to agree. He loved the presence of such deep history. The Romans sure do have a long and impactful history. And the ruins left behind bring it all to life! I personally liked the people of Rome. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. They were laid back and attentive. There was an ease about being there that I loved. Hannah loved London. She visited London several times, sometimes for as cheap as 17 euro round-trip for an airline ticket! She loved the food and the atmosphere. There's something nostalgic and majestic about the royal family and how the country embraces them. And now that there's an American Princess it makes them feel more accessible while still making them, well, royal!

But the inevitability of moving is upon them, as it does for all military families. The next adventure awaits them in Tennessee. Hannah said she is looking forward to the conveniences of the American lifestyle. This includes easy parking and one-stop shopping. I'm just going to throw in Target because for me if there was a Target here with a big open parking lot and a Panara attached I could stay in Europe forever!

As we walked the streets of Wiesbaden they told me about how Alex was their favorite place for brunch. (They have good taste! Their brunch buffet is 5 stars!) They had a favorite alley they visited often for dinner. Ristorante Comeback is some of the best Italian in the area! Plus the atmosphere is super romantic!

Hannah was a bit emotional about having to say good bye. They have had quite the adventure here in Germany! But one thing she said she's taking with her is her desire to travel. She said that it never occurred to her to travel like they have and she is going to keep that momentum back in the United States as well. Although I don't think she'll be finding any $20 round-trip plane tickets, I'm sure they will find plenty of new places to love!