Wiesbaden Photo Session Location Ideas

Picking a location for your session can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful locations in our area! When selecting your location, keep in mind the time of year, the personalities of your family members and the intent behind your story. Here are some locations that I have used as backdrops in my sessions. These are by no means the only places that we can do your photos! I love new places and I would love to add your special location to the list!


Downtown Wiesbaden

Downtown Wiesbaden delivers a stunning backdrop to your urban family story. It holds several iconic landmarks of your home in Germany and helps tell of the time you lived in Germany.

Schloss Biebrich

Schloss Biebrich delivers iconic old world Germany architecture combined with splendid nature. The park is open and dog-friendly. The landscape offers variety and room to run. The historic schloss is majestic and elegant and highlights Germany at its finest! Across the street from the park is a small beach area giving you access to the Rhine and beautiful sunsets.

August-Liebig-Weg Fields

These fields are located on 455 just past Aukumm housing area. It’s one of my favorite places to take my family for walks and one of my favorite locations to photograph. The light is just divine and the landscape is simple and beautiful! In the spring, the rapeseed fills the hills with yellow flowers. In the fall, the trees turn orange and gold. Off in the distance you can see the villages of Wiesbaden. You get both beautiful sunrises and sunsets in these fields. There is plenty of room and an excess amount of beauty!

455 Fields

That’s probably not their real name but that’s what I call them! If you like dreamy fields with easy parking that’s super close to home, you might like this location. These fields are located just out the gate from Clay Kaserne across the bridge on the other side of 455. The sunsets are so dreamy!

Crestview Fields

These are another set of fields next to a housing neighborhood. Parking is free and easy. There are paths and a spectacular view of Wiesbaden at the top of the hill (I don’t have a picture tho). The sun sets over downtown at this location and would be a spectacular backdrop! Lots of pretty blooming trees here to run along too!

Hof Nürnberg Vineyards

These vineyards are located in Frauenstein about 20 minutes from Wiesbaden. There is a restaurant on the property and several paths that take you through the vineyards. In the fall this is a magnificent backdrop for photos! The sun sets beyond the hill past the vines and is just breathtaking!

Visit their website here.

Berg Landskron

These castle ruins are located in Oppenheim about 30 minutes from Wiesbaden. It is attached to a vineyard and there is also a restaurant on the property. The castle ruins are stately and hold a sense of history. The vineyards offer lots of room to run and explore and the sunset just can’t be beat!

Visit the website here.

Your Own Home

Yes it is beautiful! And yes it is beautiful enough for photos! I love in-home sessions because the kids feel comfortable and there is so much story infused in those walls! Say yes!